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What is iMapp Bucharest? One of the biggest video-mapping events in the world, organized by creart.

2015 will see the second edition of iMapp Bucharest coming to life. The universe is born out of the four primordial elements: earth, wind, fire and water. Their generative impulse will transform the Palace of Parliament for the biggest video mapping show in the world. On the 19th of September 2015, a giant Big Bang of light will make the Palace be born again. You are welcome to be part of this genesis.

The video-mapping shows will be introduced by Live Performances from:

Argatu' & Friends
Suie Paparude
Parov Stelar (Live) @ Bucharest
Ledlight Dance Group

From the large number of artists around the world, that answered the Call this year, 37 projects met all selection criteria. Out of those there were selected 6 teams that will create this year's edition 6 shows: AVA (Mexico), Dirty Monitor (Belgium), Urbanscreen (Germany), RadugaDesign (Russia), Light Event Consulting (France) and MotionScape (Romania).

People can vote through sms their favorite team in the night of the event at the number 1703.

Access is free.